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Calcot Wind Sculpture

Dimensions: 100cm x 238cm

POWDER COATED FINISH – Built to withstand all weather, the sold ground stake and wind blade of our kinetic metal wind spinners come with a powder coated finish of wind blade. A wonderful addition to any garden and would stand out beautifully against a snowy landscape.

SPINS FREELY - on its axis to create a mesmerising effect

PROVIDES MOVEMENT - to the garden with its circular motion which everyone can enjoy.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Easy to assemble with easy to follow instructions. Simply position outdoors in a location even in light breeze using the metal stake and enjoy your garden ornament as it spins mesmerizingly.

SPLENDID DESIGN - three-pronged base stake design to keep the device more balanced and stable under strong winds, a stability stake at the base to ensure its firmly planted for windy days. Meanwhile, low friction bearings allow the lawn spinner to spin freely at low wind speeds.